A letter to my best friend in the entire world.


JJ, I don’t know where to start, so let me start out by saying these five words I love saying to you everyday “I Love You Little Buddy.” These five words are so important to me whenever I thought of you and forever will think of you. “I Love You Little Buddy” is going to help me get through every second, minute and hour of each day, until the day we meet again in Heaven.

JJ, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I’d rather live with a lifetime of grief and sorrow, than to change anything about the past 12 years.

JJ, you’re such an amazing son and best friend. And you know, we are truly best friends. We did everything together, from all sports, high school hockey and football games, fishing, paintball, movies, going out to eat, bowling and the list goes on and on. You are truly a “Mini Me” and everybody says it.

JJ, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! How many 12 year olds are as loving and compassionate, thoughtful and kind, understanding and appreciative, honest and sincere as you?

And what an athlete. Oh, what an athlete! As your father, as well as an athlete and coach, I can honestly say you’re one of the best young athletes I’ve ever seen, especially since you compete at such a high level at 4 separate sports. DOMINATING these sports at many times. I was so proud when parents would say during a game, “who’s that kid he’s like lightning?” I would proudly reply, “that’s my son, JJ.” JJ, thanks for all the great sport memories I’ll forever cherish in my heart and never let go.

JJ, you’ve accomplished more in twelve years than people do in 90. That’s AMAZING! You single handedly united a world starting from Gloucester to Boston to Florida to California to Ireland to Italy and beyond in just 2 1/2 weeks. Where priests, pastors and ministers told me they haven’t been able to unite a parish, in some cases, 40+ years, JJ you united the world in 19 days. “AMEN” to you little buddy.

JJ, I could go on forever praising you, as well as your amazing number of accomplishments. However, we’d be here a while and I’m going to leave the rest for another day. JJ, let me end by saying to you, I’m so proud of you and I will live on this earth each day honoring you. Everything I do will be for you. Even though you lived a short 12 years and are in heaven spiritually, you’ll live in me, with me and through me until the last breath I take. That last breath will be my most fulfilling, knowing I’m on my way to you. Your 12 years will now be extended through me.

Best Friends Forever

“I’m An Angel” written & performed by Frank Gentile for JJ