2018 Fall Classic

September 15th - 16th

2018 Fall Classic One Pitch Softball Tournament2018-06-08T07:11:36+00:00

Project Description

2018 Fall Classic One Pitch Softball Tournament

Please join us for the Fall Classic One Pitch Softball Tournament on Saturday, September 15th and Sunday, September 16th. We only have a limited amount of space available for teams so please sign up soon to ensure you get your team in.

  • One Pitch Softball Tournament

  • Slow Pitch 6′ – 12′ Arc

  • ASA Men’s Slow Pitch Softball Rules

  • ASA Approved Wood Softball Bats
    composite or any other material other than wood components not allowed on bats
  • Mat Extension Strike Zone

Softball Fields

  • Burnham’s 1 –

  • Burnham’s 2 – 25 Burnham St. Gloucester, MA 01930

  • Mattos Field – 21 Webster St. Gloucester, MA 01930

  Fall Classic One Pitch Dates

Saturday September 15th
Sunday September 16th

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Please use the form below to sign up for one of the softball tournaments. Include in the message your team name and the coach’s contact information. If you don’t receive a confirmation email within 72 hours please contact us directly at mnicastro@thejjnicastrofoundation.org.