Applications for the 2019-2020 school year are closed.

The JJ Nicastro Foundation offers a youth, school endorsed athletic/extracurricular scholarship. The JJ Nicastro Foundation will cover school charged user fees/expenses for the particular sport or activity the student decides to participate in. The student must be enrolled in high school to be eligible for the youth scholarships. The student must maintain a minimum grade point average, be in good standing with teachers and other authority and have a positive attitude towards others. We also take the financial situation of the family into account when applications are submitted. A youth athletic scholarship is valid for the entire tenure the student is in high school. For example if an 8th grader going into freshman year receives the scholarship then that student will retain the scholarship for all 4 years of high school without reapplying unless the student forfeits the scholarship for poor grades or other reasons stated in the contract. So if your child plays Football, Hockey and Baseball then you will end up paying a total of $4,560 in athletic fees alone because each sport is $380 per sport per year and of course that’s if fees don’t increase. That is an expensive burden when financial circumstances are tight. We would like to help with those expensive fees and allow your child to participate in every sport/activity that he/she desires and not have to choose one sport/activity over the other.